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Released at: May 01, 2020
Contact: Bryan Posthumus

Bryan Posthumus Supports GOP Lawsuit to End Whitmer’s Emergency Powers

Re-open Businesses NOW With Proper Safety Protocols

GRAND RAPIDS, MI --- Bryan Posthumus, a Republican candidate for state representative in the 73rd District, announced his support early this morning for the Republican bills that passed the Michigan Legislature yesterday. The GOP legislators did not extend Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers and said they would sue the Governor if she continues to use those powers. Late last night, the Governor announced she would continue the stay-in-place order until May 28, setting up the lawsuit.

“As a Pro-Jobs, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment Republican, I strongly support legislation passed by the Michigan House and Senate yesterday that would restore Michigan to a representative democracy. The time has come to re-open our businesses and re-open our society. If employers follow strict safety protocols that protect both their employees and their customers, they should be allowed to open. I trust the people of our community to do that. The GOP legislators have offered a safe and prudent path to both protect the lives of our citizens while at the same time preventing any further harm to our economy,” Posthumus said.

Posthumus said the discussion should not be about essential vs. non-essential jobs, it should be about safe vs. unsafe jobs. “There’s no reason why outside construction has to wait another week.” Posthumus went on to point out that even more importantly, by delaying hospitals from doing critical surgeries, the Governor is jeopardizing lives.

“Almost a quarter of Michiganders are now out of work. Thousands of businesses are hanging on by a thread and, and many of them will never re-open. We are at a breaking point. We did not understand the virus when the stay-in-place orders began, but we do now. I trust the people of Michigan to do the right thing - to follow safety protocols that keep themselves and others from contracting the virus. We need to open up now! I applaud Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey for returning us to the checks and balances our republic requires,” Posthumus concluded.     

Bryan is a life-long resident of Kent County, a fourth-generation farmer, and attends Ada Bible Church. He has a degree in Agricultural Business Management from Michigan State University. He is managing partner of the largest farmer owned and operated hopyard in Michigan where they supply necessary ingredients to the burgeoning craft beer industry. The company has farms in Oakfield and Courtland Townships. Bryan is the son of former Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus and the brother of current Kent County Clerk/Register of Deeds Lisa Posthumus Lyons.

The 73rd District is currently represented by Rep. Lynn Afendoulis who is not running for re-election because she is a Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd District. The 73rd District consists of East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Township, Plainfield Township, and the townships of Cannon, Courtland, Nelson, Oakfield, and Spencer.


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