Our Endorsements

Small Business Association of Michigan

Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors 

Right to Life 

Associated Builders and Contractors

Michigan Freedom Network 

Great Lakes Education Project

Police Officers Association of Michigan

Michigan Chamber of Commerce  

NRA - AQ Rating

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners - A+ Rating

Ted Nugent 

Rep. Thomas Albert - State Representative 

Rep. Tommy Brann - State Representative 

Michelle LaJoye-Young - Kent County Sheriff

Larry Stelma - Former Kent County Sheriff

Lisa Posthumus Lyons - Kent County Clerk/Register of Deeds

Ken Parrish - Kent County Treasurer 

Ken Yonker - Kent County Drain Commissioner  

Harold Voorhees - Kent County Commissioner

Tom Antor - Kent County Commissioner

Matt Kallman - Kent County Commissioner 

Jeff Knapp - Spencer Township Supervisor  

Matt McConnon - Courtland Township Supervisor

Steve Grimm - Cannon Township Supervisor

Deb Diepenhorst - Cannon Township Clerk 

Joe Gavan - Cannon Township Trustee 

David Spencer - Cannon Township Trustee

Jim Alles - Cannon Township Trustee

Dick Davies - Former Cannon Township Trustee 

Vas Christopolous - Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Lee Van Popering - Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Phil Yieter - Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Rusty Merchant - Former Grand Rapids Township Trustee

Laura Hoffman - Nelson Township Clerk

Katy Austin - Nelson Township Treasurer

Allan Robinette - Robinette's Inc.

Gov. John Engler - Former Governor of Michigan

Mike Bishop - Former Senate Majority Leader

Dave Hildenbrand - Former Senator

Craig DeRoche - Former Speaker of the House 

Rick Johnson - Former Speaker of the House

Jerry Kooiman - Former State Representative

Saul Anuzis - Former Michigan Republican Party Chair 

Bobby Schostak - Former Michigan Republican Party Chair

Donijo DeJonge - Former Kent County Republican Party Chair

Joanne Voorhees - Former Kent County Republican Party Chair

Colleen Pero - Former Michigan Republican Party Executive Director

Gerry Hildenbrand - Michigan Republican Party Vice Chair

Brent Willett - Cedar Springs Vocational Education Teacher

John Schut - Caledonia Vocational Education Teacher

Kevin Nugent - Lowell Vocational Education Teacher


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