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Meet Bryan

Bryan Posthumus is a fifth-generation farmer and co-founder of West Michigan Hopyards. Since launching the farm in 2013 with his partner, Bryan has been pivotal in cultivating it into Michigan's largest farmer-owned hop producer. As a farmer, he has learned the importance of a strong work ethic.

As State Representative, Bryan has been a dedicated listener, ensuring that the voices of his constituents shape his legislative priorities. His experience as an entrepreneur has given him a direct perspective on the burdens of excessive governmental intervention.

As a steadfast conservative voice in the legislature, Bryan has been an advocate for parental rights, a proponent of minimizing government intrusion, and a champion for integrity in the electoral process. Bryan worships at Ada Bible Church and is married to Elizabeth. They have three children.

Bryan and Elizabeth
90th District map

Michigan’s 90th House District

City of Rockford, and Algoma, Alpine, Cannon, Courtland, Grattan, Plainfield, Sparta, Tyrone, and Vergennes Townships in Kent County, Michigan

Vote August 6, 2024
Republican for State Representative

Bryan's Focus

Jobs and the Economy

As a small business owner, Bryan has firsthand experience in job creation. He recognizes the critical importance of reducing government interference to empower job creators. His leadership has been instrumental in cutting bureaucratic red tape, paving the way for a robust economy where local businesses can excel at what they do best - creating jobs.

Keeping your money in your pocket

In Lansing, Bryan has worked to ensure more of your hard-earned income stays in your pocket. Amidst an economy grappling with the steepest inflation rates since 1981 and unprecedented fuel prices under the Whitmer/Biden administration, Bryan has championed tax reductions for Michigan families and seniors. Bryan has also supported the suspension of the state's fuel tax, aiming to alleviate the financial strain at the gas pump.


Bryan Posthumus has led the fight to give parents more choice in their kids’ education. He championed legislation supporting the creation of student opportunity scholarships that empower parents to make decisions they believe will best serve their children's learning needs. Despite successfully navigating the bill through the legislature, it faced a veto from Governor Whitmer, a move that favored union bosses over the Michigan children.


As a farmer, Bryan Posthumus believes it is our responsibility to be good stewards of our land and the environment. This is why he has long advocated for an “all of the above'' approach to energy generation - wind, solar, natural gas, oil, nuclear. With this approach to energy, affordability and reliability has to remain as our number one priority. Bryan stands firmly against energy mandates and initiatives that will lead to increased costs for taxpayers and pose challenges for local communities.

Election Integrity

During his legislative tenure, Bryan has supported over 20 bills aimed at implementing pragmatic reforms to our electoral system. These reforms are designed to bolster public trust in the sanctity of the ballot box. Despite these initiatives facing vetoes from the governor, Bryan remains an advocate for sensible voter ID legislation, underscoring his commitment to upholding the integrity of our elections.


In the face of critical staffing shortages, Bryan supports legislation that will make it easier for healthcare professionals to relocate and practice in Michigan. Bryan's dedication to this cause reflects a commitment not only to enhance the state's medical employment climate but also to ensure that residents have access to the best possible healthcare services.

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